Thanks to its exceptional network and outstanding team, Collectors Wine World GmbH not only has very special access to the wine world, but also the necessary economic expertise to make investments in the asset class 'wine' a success.

We have already proven this several times for customers.
For interested parties, we have developed a partnership concept that gives them access to this asset class;
without barriers and also from the point of view of sustainability.


Prerequisites for a successful wine investment are:

1. Experts select the wines that are profitable for the investment. In addition to the right chateaus, the development of the past, the storage potential and the evaluation of the wines also play a role.
2. It must always be an original container with a certificate of authenticity at first hand.
3. The purchase must be made at the right time.
4. The storage of the wines must be highly professionally organized and given a certificate for subsequent sale.
5. The time horizon should be long-term, with a minimum duration of five years.


Do you need a value appraisal for your wines or for a wine cellar that you might want to buy or sell? To do so, you usually require an appraisal from a sworn expert tasked with the valuation of wines (Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Essen), which Collectors Wine World can provide. And should you wish us to accompany you during a purchase or sale, we will be happy to do this too.