One of our concerns is not only to bring our network closer to the world of top wines, but also to convey our passion for sustainable craftsmanship. A much-discussed topic among CWW experts for a long time, it is important to us to keep our customers and friends informed about the achievements, challenges and products of this forward-looking field. Therefore, in addition to the topics of top-quality wines and sustainable cultivation, the CWW experts are consciously moving away from the beaten track of the wine market.

The topics of our seminars are comprehensive, we will gladly work together with you to develop a suitable procedure for you. Examples could be:

1. Wine as an asset.
2. Sustainable, biodynamic wine growing.
3. Entry into wine sensing.
4. You will receive the wine list in the restaurant. What do you do?
5. Can we learn to identify regions and/or grape varieties?