Do you want to store your wines in an optimal way, e.g. because the capacity of your wine cellar is exhausted or because you have to store wines under the best possible conditions to ensure a successful sale later on? Then Collectors Wine World is the right place for you. Our wine cellar guarantees ideal conditions for storing your precious wine. Customer wine boxes specially made for CWW offer the best conditions and 24-hour access. At constant temperatures of 14 degrees Celsius, a constant humidity of 65 percent and a quadruple secured air conditioning system, the CWW wine cellar guarantees optimal storage conditions for your wine collection. Pollutant-free euro pallets, a state-of-the-art monitoring system and a proprietary security guard service round off the service package. As an additional service, a certificate can be issued for the time and climatic conditions of storage. This ensures the future value of your wines. From EUR 1.50 per bottle and year!