It was a pleasure for us to taste the 1er Cru Classés from Bordeaux and the 4G with you!
It was a lot of fun with you again, and thanks to Markus, being able to taste selected wines at the highest level last week. The elegant and understated taste of the Flor de Sal chips paired perfectly with the summery Ronan Blanc from Chateau Clinet and the wine discovery by Markus from the southern Rhône, Domaine de la Vieille Julienne, with the herb chips was wonderful!
Our second digital tasting on Friday, June 19th with the topic "The Salted Almond Experiment" was again a great pleasure and a great opportunity to see and exchange ideas, even if only digitally. The exclusive wine cooler is a small gift from us and a one-off production exclusively for the 33bottles. The leather is sustainably produced, water-repellent and is used for luxury brands.
The 33bottles mourn the loss of their member, Kai Richter, who was only admitted in 2020.
Two well-known and highly valued wine personalities in the wine world have been appointed to the advisory board of the Essen-based service and trading company Collectors Wine World.
OurOPUS ONE Tasting last Friday was unique in many ways: on the one hand, Charlie Matthews from OPUS ONE and Markus were able to show us in a vertical how big the "Bordelaiser -Cru Californias"  is how perfectly this wine matures, on the other hand, the food & wine were at world champion sommelier level and, thirdly, it is now also clear that we can no longer taste wines together for the time being.