CWW expert Markus Del Monego tells entertaining wine stories in his new bookHow does it taste dry.

Master of Wine and so far the only German world champion of sommeliers.Markus Del Monegohas dedicated his life to wine. Hardly anyone tells a more humorous and stimulating story about the big and small wine stories that make a good drop a real pleasure.

On his travels through the world of wine, Markus Del Monego meets vintners as well as wine queens. In his book he talks in an entertaining way about the many popular misconceptions and myths that surround many a bottle.

Experience wine, explain wine and get to know wine. Del Monego imparts refined wine knowledge in a playful way that cannot be found in conventional wine guides. Full of amusing anecdotes, this book is the perfect companion for stimulating wine tastings and entertaining evenings.

A book like a fresh Vinho Verde: Sparkling, imaginative and absolutely entertaining.

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