The perfect Bordeaux glass

Not only the choice of wine is immensely important, but also the choice of the right glass. Once the desired wine has been identified, it is now a matter of bringing the high quality from the bottle to the glass. Valuable nuances can be wasted by an unsuitable glass.

The right glass supports the wine in developing its aroma and brings out the special aspects of the wine even better.

The basic equipment of the wine glass cabinet is clear: red wine glasses, white wine glasses and sparkling wine glasses. However, red wine is not just red wine and different grape varieties and ages of wine have different requirements for the wine glass.

The eye drinks too: valuable, handcrafted crystal glasses bring back the brilliance of the wine and its color untarnished. Likewise, the "streaks or tears" that form on the inside wall of the wine glass after swirling the wine can be better assessed.

Red wines from Bordeaux with strong tannins need oxygen so that the strong, spicy aromas can unfold. Bordeaux glasses are therefore more bulbous than narrow. Likewise, a high chimney on the glass leads the bouquet concentrated to the nose.

For a special Bordeaux drinking experience, we recommend the Bordeaux red wine glasses from the Wine Classics Select collection from Zwiesel Glas. Thanks to the opulent goblet volume of the red wine glass, the matured Bordeaux can unfold freely. The wide base of the goblet and a high, curved chimney support the typical features of a great Bordeaux - especially for a special Bordeaux from the exceptional 2000 vintage.

Pinot Noir wines are more powerful and at the same time more delicate than Bordeaux wines. Wider glasses with shorter sidewalls are recommended for these wines. The wine flows broadly into the palate through the relatively large opening and is able to draw in sufficient oxygen on its way. Another advantage is that the palate can take in the wine over its entire breadth, allowing the fruit and acidity to come into their own.

Zwiesel Glas sustainability promise

Just like CWW, Zwiesel Glas is also convinced that only those who act responsibly will be able to assert themselves in the future. Zwiesel Glas has set itself the goal of manufacturing its products with few resources and with the best possible use of energy in order to keep the environmental impact as low as possible. That is why, for example, raw materials and materials from the region are used as far as possible. Zwiesel Glas' sustainability strategy is based on the five subject areas of raw materials, efficient use of energy, reduced emissions, comprehensive quality and ecological and social responsibility. Together, these areas form a responsible sustainability concept.