Markus Del Monego and Carsten Knauer have created a very special place in Essen for events: exclusive and of high quality, not only for wine lovers.

When two men, moved by a common fascination, develop an idea together and put it into practice, then something special is bound to emerge. Carsten Knauer, owner of Alexanderpark on the site of the former Coca-Cola headquarters in Germany, and Markus Del Monego, sommelier world champion and wine expert, have created this with Collectors Wine World. A place not only for all wine lovers, but also a location for high-quality events from fine family celebrations to exclusive company meetings.

The barroom welcomes guests of the Collectors Wine World with exclusive cosiness.

Photo: Ralf Schultheiss

For connoisseurs and collectors of fine wines, it is also a treasure trove of diverse possibilities. It is located on a historic site, as a hidden champion a little hidden at the end of the courtyard of Max-Keith-Strasse 66: CWW, the Collectors Wine World. From the outside there is no sign of the true treasure that can be found behind the unimposing doors. They open the way to a location that is perfectly designed for both tastings and events. Comfortably relaxed in the welcome lounge, noble and professional at the long table, which invites you to a set dinner as well as to a productive conference. Or in a familiar atmosphere at the Chef's Table, where you can enjoy delicious dishes from the kitchen and cellar in a small group. The best conditions for every need, and Carsten Knauer as investor has created these with a sure hand.

The entrepreneur knows the ideal conditions for business meetings with all the technical ingredients from his own experience, and sommelier world champion Markus Del Monego has contributed his know-how on all aspects of wine.

It was definitely an entrepreneurial vision and decision that gave the impetus for the joint project. In 2014, says Carsten Knauer, he will start investing in wine. Mainly Bordeaux, but he also attaches great importance to ecological cultivation. "Sustainability and mindfulness are important to us as a family office," says Knauer, explaining an essential part of his philosophy. He brings Markus Del Monego on board as an expert, and soon the desire to create a high-quality location for wine tasting and sampling, but also for private or corporate events, arises alongside the wine collection - the idea for the Collectors Wine World is born, and the place in Alexanderpark is soon found. So this is where people meet for high quality events. Either around the theme of wine, if required also with excellent food by Carsten Jungkamp, who celebrates culinary delights according to individual wishes in the open kitchen for the guests.

The equipment from noble glass to high-quality porcelain and cutlery fits the desire that demanding guests should feel completely comfortable here. This also includes small special effects: The lighting can be varied in many colours. More than just a gimmick

Markus Del Monego is world sommelier champion and the wine expert of the Collectors Wine World.

Photo: Ralf Schultheiss

"Depending on the light, even a wine can taste completely different", reveals sommelier world champion Markus Del Monego. Guests can be pampered here, in a rather intimate circle of up to eight people at the "Chef Table", at dinner with up to 28 guests at the large table or at a standing reception with 100 participants. Anyone who has acquired a taste for it here will be pleased to receive an additional service from Collectors Wine World: the premises house a separate wine cellar which is also available to other collectors. Because truly noble and also expensive wine needs ideal storage conditions.

"Constant temperatures of 14 degrees and 65 percent humidity", Knauer has created on Max-Keith-Strasse. In addition it is dark, vibration-free and odourless. Security is provided by an alarm system, video surveillance and a guard service.

The entrepreneur also has a tip at the ready: he recommends buying good wine for a very special occasion, such as a wedding or the birth of a child. This wine can then mature until a self-chosen anniversary. Then it can either be enjoyed as a delicious wine or prove to be a valuable investment. Markus Del Monego always knows the right advice for such wishes.

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