Our second digital tasting on Friday, June 19 with the topic "The Salted Almond Experiment" was again a great pleasure and a great opportunity to see and exchange ideas, even if only digitally. The exclusive wine cooler is a small gift from us and a one-off production exclusively for the 33bottles. The leather is sustainably produced, water-repellent and is used for luxury brands.

Mark has proved that

1. the salted almonds from Flor de Sal d'Es Trenc, which are certified organic, go perfectly with the Champagne Frerejean Frères 1er Cru: "The almonds have a very fine, slightly sweet taste with a typical "nutty" aroma. In terms of taste, they taste closer to ripe hazelnuts than to marzipan. The salt is used delicately and emphasizes the aromatic character of the almonds. The result is a light umami effect (in addition to sweet/sour/salty/bitter)-spicy-appetizing taste stimulation-from the Japanese, which is important for the interaction with the champagne. It incorporates the acidity of the Champagne and lets its citric fruit notes come to the fore a little more. The combination shows a pleasant melt, at the same time clear freshness. A successful combination with a certain aromatic depth. "

2. large champagnes can tolerate a wine glass and the classic champagne flute has traditionally (until 1813 champagne was still cloudy, the removal of the depot was only introduced by the shaking process of Madame Cliquot) had the function of keeping the cloudy depot in the lower conical part of the glass to collect.