Extraordinary wine selection


Itama & Collectors Wine World

The perfect connection – summer, sea, your yacht and fine wines

Imagine you’re boating in the Mediterranean and need a refill for your wine fridge.

Collectors Wine World is the answer.

Whether you prefer everyday easy-drinkers or blockbuster wines highly rated by Robert Parker, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

We would be delighted to make your days at sea even more enjoyable with our range of exceptional wines.

Benefits of Collectors Wine World:

  • Exquisite Fine Wine labels
      •  #1 fine wine experts in Germany
      • Access to a unique fine wine collection - simply register with the online shop
      • Over 2,000 fine wines stored in perfect conditions in our wine cellars - rare wines available upon request
      • Trusted by long-term partner American Express Centurion
  • Exclusive services
      • Delivery to selected Mediterranean ports in Italy, Spain, France, and other EU-countries. There are no delivery options to non-EU countries.
      • Express delivery options available – get your wines within two working days (depending on port location and time of order)
      • Please check in advance with the harbour master’s office if they will receive parcels on your behalf.
      • Wines delivered from our perfectly chilled warehouse - just pop them in your fridge on arrival and enjoy a few hours later!